Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Unid@s looks for a logo

Dear Artist or Graphic Designer,

Unid@s the National Latina/o LGBT Human Right Organization is looking for submissions to be considered for their logo. If you would be interested in donating your talent and time to a good cause and to be part of Latina/o LGBT history, please submit a concept for consideration to be used as our logo as we launch this new national organization.

All submissions must be received by Wednesday May 23rd. This logo would be used on all materials from the website to business cards, so a simple design would most likely work best. We are looking for a logo that will represent our many identities, cultures, and commitments. Below is our vision statement for guidance.

Unid@s, the National Latina/o LGBT Human Rights Organization is a Latina/o LGBT organization that is inclusive but not limited to our culture, ethnicity, and spirituality, led by diverse individuals, organizations and collective allies. This organization has a commitment to inclusiveness, visibility, solidarity and engagement of a wide network of local, state and national constituents. We have a commitment to a progressive, multi-issue focus, to a movement sustaining local activism and to fostering membership to create sustainable efforts in our communities.

Each submission should be in jpeg, gif, or pdf format and include a brief description of the concept as well as a short bio. Send all submissions to

Thank you!

The Unid@s Media Committee

Note to Artists: The Logo will be chosen on June 6th. If chosen, the artist will be asked to acknowledge that they have donated their services and logo for the use of Unid@s, and have given Unid@s full permission to use the logo with or without credit on our materials (cards, letterhead, website, shirts, etc.) and they do not expect nor will be given financial compensation. Also, that with permission of the designer, Unid@s may ask to change or modify their work to fit within our needs.

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